The main research interests of our group are to understand how local and global calcium signals regulate excitation-contraction (EC; left side of the cartoon above) coupling and excitation-transcription (ET; right side of the cartoon above) coupling in muscle cells during physiological and pathological conditions.


To test our exciting hypotheses, we are implementing a multi-scale approach that combines the latest in molecular biology, biochemistry, electrophysiology, microscopy and computational simulations.

Our studies often include results that go from the mRNA level to complex physiological responses.

Our current research interests focus on live cell (see movie) and tissue imaging of molecules and processes that control cardiovascular function. We are also endeavoring in the neuronal field with exciting collaborations. For more details about our studies, please visit the Publications section!

Dynamic trafficking of L-type calcium channels visualized for the first time in native smooth muscle cells. We are interested in examining the mechanisms underlying this behavior and their role in pathological conditions.


The video above shows a laser speckle movie of mesenteric arteries constricting in response to angiotensin II.